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  My Eagles Breakdown As Of Aug.14 (Post Jags)

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 My Eagles Breakdown As Of Aug.14 (Post Jags) Empty
PostSubject: My Eagles Breakdown As Of Aug.14 (Post Jags)    My Eagles Breakdown As Of Aug.14 (Post Jags) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 14, 2010 3:46 pm

It's that time of the year. The time where we all have an opinion on what we think is ahead for the Eagles and other NFL teams. I want to see more like everyone else but I have seen enough to point me towards the Offensive Line when I look at the 2010 Eagle team.
Breaking it down position by position, unlike many people, I feel very confident about what the Eagles will put on the field defensively. My biggest worry was the DBs but I have seen some training camp & that combined with the little I saw last night, has convinced me that Nate Allen is the right man for the job. He is much tougher than I originally thought. He is also as smart & athletic too. He seems to be the right man for the job. Last year, we had no answer for the loss of Brian Dawkins.
Our strong safety had a bit of a sophomore slump. Yeah, he made a Pro Bowl but we all know that he did not have a "Pro Bowl Year". I believe Quinten Mickel missed Dawk but I think "Q" will play well this year.
Samual is Samual but the pressure the Eagles will get on the Q.B. this year will help his game. Sheldon Brown was a great Eagle for a lot of years but a hurt Brown had an off year. Hobbs, if he can stay healthy, will get the job done. Size is my only concern @ DB.
I liked the rookies, Trevard Lindley (#35) & Curt Coleman(#42) , but like everyone else I need to see more. That said, Lindley will in my opinion eventually be a starter for the Birds & I will take Coleman over Demps anytime.
Dick Jauron is the wild card here. Blown coverages a bad team tackling was the a huge problem for this team this year. Jauron will take care of that. All this tells me that although the DBs still might be the weakest part of the D. They are far from weak.
The Linebackers were the weakest part of last years D & now are without question the strength. I love Ernie Simms & he was a steal. This pick up is similar to the Weaver addition last year. It may take a few games but the fans will eventually love this guy.
Bradley is another huge upgrade. He helps in every aspect. The whole D appeared to play smarter. He will lead & the physical upgrade is the icing on the cake.
Now Jordan beats out Topou who beat out Gocong. Need I say more. The fact that we are deeper is just a bonus.
The D line adds Graham, Tapp & a host of talent will get help McDermott to get better pressure with less blitzing. That seems to be the plan. Graham has looked great. He does not look like a rookie to me. He everything that he was supposed to be & if he continue to get better, we are in for a treat as fans.
McDermott having a full off season & a year of experience has to make him a better coach. That's enough to tell me the Birds D will be much improved.
The Eagles picked up two time Special Teams Coach of the year Bobby April. All this speed and talent is a blank canvas for a guy like April and common sense tells me that Special teams will also be much improved. Although the kick coverage was a little shaky last night. I think when you have this many guys to pick from, that is to be expected. Look for that to get better every week.
Anyone could argue that Maclin, Jackson, Avant, & whoever else makes the team, is at least one of the best receiving groups the Birds have ever had. I like the fact that Kelly Washington seems to be as mean as a alley cat. I would like to see him stay , along with rookie Riley Cooper.
The Weaver & McCoy team is , in my opinion, a great backfield. The Eagles backfield could be the most unheralded group the eagles have. J.J. Arington & Mike Bell did not play last night. Buckley, Scott and Mallet showed well so the Birds and will make this group deep and good. Obviously they can't all make the team but this is the best group we have had to choose from in recent years.
Many would say Kolb is the 2010 wild card. Well not me, I like him. Enough said. So that brings us to the offensive line. This group played well last night but still has to be the weak link.
I am not at all certain that the Eagles can protect Kolb. If the first year QB does not have protection, the Birds are in for a long season. Last night was a good sign but my worries still rest on the O.L.. I like McGlynn and I don't think he'll ever loose the starting Center spot. He is without question a starter in the NFL at the Center position. He has the size, strength & brains to do the job. He also has a little "nasty" in him which I like. This young talented team is having fun but guys like Mclynn, Ernie Simms & Kelly Washington are the type of guys who will keep this team focused. I felt last year they lacked the toughness that was needed to but considered a serious contender.
The Eagles are selling us a bill of goods with Winston Justice. He is not better than average. If he is the Birds worse lineman when this all shakes out, that's a pretty good line. Today, he is not. Justice is an average pass blocker & a below average run blocker.
Right Guard Stacey Andrews is the exact opposite. He is actually a very good run blocker but struggles pass blocking, even at guard. This needs to improve. To me, Andrews is a disappointment to this point. He was a very good tackle for the Bengles. I thought sliding into guard would elevate his game. So far it hasn't.
The Left Guard Herrimans is not healthy & it effected the Birds continuity last year. Expect the same thing this year if Herrimans dose not return soon. If he does return and stay healthy, that is a huge upgrade. The reason for that is the overrated backups.
Giles & Cole have disappointed as backups thus far. Max Jean Giles was awful vs. the Jags. If he makes this team I'll be surprised. If he starts, we are in trouble. Jason Peters, who many don't like, is a flat stud. If he stays healthy & plays to his potential , he will easily go to another pro bowl. I have tracked rookie Free Agent Austin Howard through camp & the Eagles got a stud here. This kid is not a practice squad kid, he will make the team. It is a shame he is not a guard or Justice can't play guard. I honestly believe that Austin Howard will push for a starting job sooner than expected. If there is a tackle injury in the second half of the season. Look for Howard, not Dunlap to fill in & surprise everyone. The rookie left tackle is a player to watch (#68). Keep an eye on the O Line this pre season. The Eagles Offensive Line got off to a very good start last night. Continued improvement will be the difference between 8 & 8 &11 & 5.
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 My Eagles Breakdown As Of Aug.14 (Post Jags) Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Eagles Breakdown As Of Aug.14 (Post Jags)    My Eagles Breakdown As Of Aug.14 (Post Jags) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 16, 2010 2:50 pm

Thanks coach!
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My Eagles Breakdown As Of Aug.14 (Post Jags)
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